Monday, January 21, 2008

Mobile Office Valentine Tutorial...

This started out as the technique challenge on SCS Monday it was called a pixie pouch TLC152. I made a few adjustments to the challenge and this is what I arrived at...
A Mobile Office Valentine, does this not rock or what?

Here is a written tutorial on how to make one for your Mobile Valentine...

1) Cut a piece of colored card stock to 11' by 3 1/4"
2) Score colored Card stock at 8 1/2" and again at 3/4"
3) Place on your DP on the 8 1/2" end of card stock
4) Place on your DP on the 3 3/4" end of card stock
5) Place on your DP on the 3/4" flap
6) Fold down 3/4" flap and adhere with redline tape
7) Place redline tape on both sides of the 3 3/4" along the edges and adhere your pocket.
8) Place your decorated notebook on the bottom of pouch with redline tape
9) Insert your beaded pen
10) Tie ribbon around your adhered flap and make a bow
11) Place on your paper clip
Now you have a mobile office to keep you organized or to give to a friend.


Cheryl said...

Leave it to you Sara to come up with such a unique idea. I have never met such a creative person. Wow!!! I must try this one for some friends. It is so cool and I have the notebooks (wink!!!) to alter too. (Thank you for them)

Wanda said...

Such a cute idea Sara!!!

Rochelle W said...

This is the cutiest thing I have seen. I love everything about it. Dang now I really want a rubicoil.