Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Mail Day Boxes...

Edit post to upload photo 6:30 PM.

I will be back to post the photos later today, (blogger must be cold this AM also and don't want to move, LOL)!

You want a sneak peek you can see the photo here SCS Gallery Page

These were made for our DD's for Valentines, they totally loved the one I had made for my Secret Sister so I went to Target to get a couple more and try them again. I found a wonderful tutorial (after I did my first one) here Stamping and Stuff makes more sense to me now and it makes them more fun to make as well when you know what the heck you are doing.
I used more of the Dollar Spot DP along with SU's Real Red and Pink Passion Card Stock and on the flags for the first time to die cut I used the nestabilities small scallop rectangles. (Now these are fun, I will tell you how I use them with my Sizzix in the near future.)

I had a horrible experience yesterday...after my Board meetings I had a couple errands to run and at the last store there was an awful smell related to some project going on. I was in the store with our 2 year old DD for no more than 15 minutes and I knew I had to get out. I was getting dizzy, sick to my stomach couldn't breathe and by the time I checked out I was going to leave my purchases (totally could not remember I had just bought something). Our DD seemed to be okay, so I got out by the car got her belted in and just stood there taking in some fresh air and drinking some water. Finally I made it home but truthfully I probably should not have drove and I am upset with myself that I did especially with our DD in the van. But when I did get home I called the store to see what they were using and they put me through to the contractor, normal everyday white spray paint. Keep in my our DD seems fine this whole time, she did sleep on the way home but then always does. I then called poison control to see if it could have done something harmful, they said the effects should last no more that a few hours (they were right by 7:30 I felt good again just a small headache). So people when they say use in well ventilated area, that does not mean a retail store during business hours does it?


Amy said...

Hey, thanks for the link to the mailbox tutorial. I am off to Target to get a couple of mailboxes--hope they have some left! I'm sorry you got so sick--I wonder if the contractor was entirely truthful about the substance. Thank goodness it didn't affect the baby! Amy

Anonymous said...

They never should have been doing that during open hours what with so many people having such severe reactions to certain scents and odors. I'm glad you made it home safely and are feeling better!