Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Frou Frou Gypsy in Combat Boots...

I have found the most amazing blogger, you should go over and check out her site. Here is the link for you...Frou Frou Gypsy in Combat Boots. Cyndi takes such beautiful photos of her creations, I need to contact her about her secrets (I think she is a Pro Photographer.) She has played around with the Valentine Topiary and has some BEAUTIFUL examples on her blog and more wonderful ideas for them. Enjoy your visit and Happy Stamp Day!

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cyndi said...

awe! *blush*
the secret is i have a black table in my kitchen and red walls. When the sun hits it just right it makes cool reflections! That and i finally sprang for a really nice digital camera. Its a Nikon D40. I have to correct the exposure some in photo shop but that is easy with the RAW files from the camera. and i did get that tip from a pro!
thanks for the compliment!