Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Embrace Yo Yo Yellow...

The scrapbook page for today is of our DD's on New Year's Eve, I used some Digital papers from The Scrap Girls Refresh. This is a great 'Free Download' you should go and check it out. The rest of the page was made in my Scrapbook Factory program.

Was this ever a challenge card for me and it took me most of the morning to make it. (I am still not sure if I like it.) It was made for the Tuesday Color Challenge on SCS CC151 Making Yo Yo Yellow Look Good. I have no problem with Yo Yo Yellow in fact the Bold Bright Family is my Fave set of colors to use. The problem was I had no Grey well, I had one grey scallop circle from WRAK. So my friend Cheryl posted a card the other day using a faux metal I thought I would give this a try to get my grey on the card. All I can say is I did the challenge and gave it my best with what I had.

A nice compliment that brightened my day..."So I have to tell you a funny story. I was looking at your blog a while back and my husband walked by and saw your picture and he kept looking at it saying that he knew you. I’m like no you don’t know her. He was like she is so familiar. Then it hit him. He said you look like the girl from the show criminal minds. I don’t know if you watch it or not but we do every Wednesday. The one he is talking about is the computer gal, Garcia. After he said that I was like, now that you mention it she does look like Garcia. She is his favorite person on that show. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you." Rochelle

Criminal Minds "Garcia"

Check in with Sisterhood of Scrap today it is Web Wednesday, make sure you comment with the quote of the day in the hide and seek blog candy post.

Hide and Seek Blog Candy Vanentine

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