Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Flat Circles..."Grind My Gears"

If you are a fan of Family Guy like myself you would have seen the episode totally devoted to Peter and what grinds his gears.

I have one really big design flaw that grinds my gears!  Here it is...flat top circle cards.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE jump on the bandwagon to stop the madness.  

Here is my lacy circle creation doesn't she look beautiful.  Won't find a flat top here.

We don't embrace other types of flats.
No possible way would some of you drink a flat beer....
 The flat world theory did not last long....

A flat tire lasts only as long as it takes to change it....

I just had to.  You are laughing I know it.  Flat circles don't look right do they?
So lets put an end to flat top circle cards.  Give me a rest this gear grinding is tough work.

Here is the simple solution
Die Cut
TWO complete circles
The back circle score 1/4" from the top
Apply adhesive to this 1/4" area
Place the front circle on top, line it up and adhere
Now you have the fold of your card hidden on the back.

Oh Yeah.  I almost forgot.  Kira, this flat can be fixed also!


Happy Stamp Day.
God Bless America and the World.


Amy said...

Okay, this post cracked me up! Esp the last pic! She must use glue to hold that dress up!

Jen said...

Your card is beautiful!

Chris said...

OMG too funny! how did i miss this post!! never, EVER gave this topic any thought at all, thanks for bringing it to my attention! your card is fabulous!!

p.s. kria def needs some inflation...