Saturday, May 14, 2011

Honeycomb Happily Ever After

I love this, and the idea is a bit out of the box.  The concept has not caught fire yet in the craft industry.  Let's see if we can change that;)
Now this road is not easy, this type of decoration is getting difficult at best to find.
I did stumble upon one pre-made Honeycomb wedding bell in white at our local party store.
I used the smallest version in this card.
I had plans to make my own Honeycomb design just have not had the time as of yet.  There is a post below that will show you how to create your own pumpkin.

Some light reading for you on the subject of Honeycomb paper.

3D pumpkin Card

Honeycomb Cinderella Carriage

You can do this yourself.  Purchase a pre-made Honeycomb ball at your local party store.  Cut a Cinderella Carriage from Cricut Cartridge Happily Ever After and Mount it as you see above.

Origional photo is from Martha Stewart Crafts
So I would love to hear your comments.  And please if you have more links that you love on Honeycomb 3D cards please leave that also I would love to see it;)

A side note on Happily Ever After
This week a friend of mine from Lennox laid her 17 year old son to rest on Friday.  My heart is broken for her and the family.  I can't imagine the loss of a child, I just can't. 
We came close on August 16 2010 when our oldest and middle child were involved in a rollover ejection accident.  This road has been extremely stressful and difficult to deal with and make amends to.
The advice I can give is this.
God never makes a promise to us that becoming a parent is going to be a Happily Ever After let alone easy.

After the Accident Donna had many Questions for her Momma.  This was one that still stands out for me today.  "Mom do young children who have not been baptized go to heaven?"
In fact I had this answer for her.
and this is why...
Genesis 33:5 And he lifted up his eyes, and saw the women and the children; and said, Who are those with thee? And he said, The children which God hath graciously given thy servant.

Matthew 19:13-14 Then were there brought unto him little children, that he should put his hands on them, and pray: and the disciples rebuked them. But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Our Children are not in fact ours.  They are God's Children GRACIOUSLY given to us by God.  We are to enter into his kingdom as children of God!  Since babies and young Children are not in control of their minds and hearts God is they are automatically given the Grace and Mercy from their Father and the Gates of Heaven are open to them.

This is where some religions depart on this topic.  In some beliefs to baptize an infant is the norm.  In some religions babies are in fact not baptized.  Baptism occurs when the child is older and have made their own decision on God.
For me I have done both.  I was baptized as an infant.  Thank you Mom and Dad for my precious gift.
I also rededicated myself to the Lord when I was in High School after completing Catechism in the Reformed Church Of America.

Now for my Own children this is what we have done...
Donna was dedicated as a child in the beliefs of Mennonite Religion.
She made the decision to be baptized as a knowing Christian by immersion into the Reformed faith.

Liz did the same as her sister, we did not dedicate her as a child.

Jessica has not been dedicated or baptized at this point.  Yet, she will be the first one to openly tell you of her love for Jesus because that is how she lives her God Given Life.  That is what she has been taught by hear family as God has instructed.

I do to this day as I have done from the beginning I bless my own children by placing the sign of the cross on their for heads and saying a prayer for them.  I did this most when they were ill.  I so go back to the accident on this day because the Sheriff at the scene of the accident did not allow me access to Donna.  (I understand why that my presence was giving Donna more stress.  See all she was worried about was the fact I was there and I was going to be ANGRY at what she had done.
(The total opposite is true if you are a loving God Fearing Parent.) 
 You are not interested in the vehicle condition only the condition of your child.  
 I understand a 15 year old girl does not have this thinking pattern developed yet.

I can see now Months later why this has happened to our God Loving Fearing Family.  I can see the change in myself.  I can see the Change in Our Daughters.  I can see a change in their friends this effected. 
This situation actually physically brought God into my life.
I have told you in the past he was there beside me I was talking to him as I walked the halls of Sanford Children's.  I am sure the security guards watching me on the cameras thought that crazy lady has flipped a lid and is walking and talking to herself.  Indeed I was not! God was walking with me and I was talking to him!

Does not mean I don't  scream and shout  at my Lord out of despair.  Does not mean I can't question his actions and pray for some sort of answer.  Does not mean I can't ask him why our children, why our children?  Why not ME?  
Take the burden from the children!  Take me!
When you are looking at the path through the raw pain and despair of the moment.  It is difficult to see God's plan very hard to keep on the path of righteousness.

Okay, If you wish to learn more about this journey you can look up past posts starting back on 
August 16th 2010.

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

If you wish to read the Obituary for this young Child of My childhood Friend and
 Child of God you can take this link...

I have not run into my friend much after Graduation.  Does not mean I don't think of her or her family.  The fact is on May 12th I was looking up limericks for limerick day and thoughts of her came back to me.  See her Mother was a Teacher for the Lennox School System.  Mrs. Wells;)  I loved her as a teacher and was looking to thank her for implanting the love of all things Literature in my life. If you were lucky enough to be in a class with me you can most likely remember I had her LOL at one of my writings.  She makes the most awesome Orange Julius I drool over yet this day.
Only days later did I learn from a friend what had occurred earlier in the week.
And after Bloggers "freak out" this week the post that is missing is my Limerick day post.  HMMM?  
See how God works.  I think he is a bit loony at times and his humor is more wicked than my own.
May God Bless you my Friend and I lift your family up in prayer.

Remember God does not make any promise of a Happily Ever After.  God Bless.


Angela said...

Pretty card! Inky Antics has what they call "HoneyPOP" Cute stuff!

Sorry to hear of your friend's son; I can only imagine the devastation she is feeling....

Jen said...

Awesome idea for the inside of the card. Love the black and white.
My prayers are with your friend.

Amy said...

I love these honeycomb decorations too! Thanks for sharing the links. Prayers for your friend.

Chris said...

your card is gorgeous! love the idea of this!!

so sorry to hear about your friend's family. sending her my thoughts!