Monday, May 23, 2011

Cooking Mama

Liz has a favorite game for her DS it is Cooking Mama and she has her eyes on Crafting Mama.  
Girl after my  heart for sure;)  
This summer we are turning her fun and games into REALITY.  She will be creating our favorite foods and scrapping them for the future.  When my Mother Died I really missed her in the kitchen.  I was married and a new Mom and I needed to know her secrets.  My Dad and his wife Jan must have gotten tired of my phone calls Mom's recipe for this and that and how she did this etc.  Then for Christmas Jan gave  us kids a cookbook with my Mom's recipes the most wonderful gift ever

Here is Elizabeth's Chinese Chicken Plated.  Looks YUMMY!

Here is the Scrapbook Recipe page for the Chinese Chicken.  Hey, I found a use for Cricut Pagoda.  YES!  Love the bowl and chopsticks just as YUMMY as the dish;)

We are using a template in Works for the recipe that we we can print more off as needed.  Click on the pic to enlarge for your copy.
Happy Stamp Day.  God Bless.


Amy said...

Emily has cooking mama and love it (so does Matt come to that) but I didn't know there was a crafting mama! Could this finally be my video game downfall? LOL! Very cool page and the dish looks yummy!

Jen said...

Liz did a fine job on that dish...yummy! This is a great summer activity! Love the little scrapbook page!

Chris said...

i didn't know they had these games i need these!!! love the cookbook, so very cute!! and good for you doing this, i say all the time, i wish i had a pic of this and this when i was cooking with my grandmother.