Saturday, June 30, 2007

Summer Bummer (Request for greetings) Re-posting

Just moving this to the top for a few days, she would love some happy mail. Thanks, Sara

My DD found out on Monday that for the next thirty days she will need to wear this immobilizing brace, she is so destroyed over the fact. We found out a few years ago that all of her knee pain was caused by Osgood-Schlatter Disease disease, she is just growing too fast basically and her bones need to catch up. Well this past Basketball season she had a fall and what happened was when the tendons pulled away from the knee they fractured a small piece of bone off with it. She kept telling us the pain was getting worse make me an appointment so we finally got in to the specialist and this is how she is going to have to spend the next month. When she found out that her first season of Volleyball was not going to happen I thought she was going to cry. She has also been looking forward to our Church trip to the cities now she said she does not want to go. I just feel so bad for her she is so active (that is a big part of the problem with this disease) to be reduced to doing almost nothing is extremely hard on her at this time in her life when she is growing up to a teenager it is not easy. So as her Mother I am asking all of you that can to send her some cheer up wishes, she is so excited when I get fun things in the mail, this will surly make her time move faster. Thank you so much you can send your cheer up wishes to
my DD at the following address:
Donna Paschal
151 North Street East
Monroe, SD 57047
Thank you in advance for all of your kindness.


Anonymous said...

I have a card coming your way!

Paula said...

How hard it must be for a girl so active to have to slow down. She has my sympathy. God bless

Pattyjo said...

I am so sorry to hear about her injury. My nephew is 6"5 and when he was in High School he grew 5" in one year, He was always breaking his bones. He doesn't any more, he's just a hunk of a guy!
I will send you a card and hope it cheers you up. Sorry again about your injury!

kathy said...

I mailed your lady bugs and meant to enclose a card to your daughter and I forgot but I will send one in the next day or two