Friday, December 9, 2011

Arise and Shine

Brings me back to Sunday School....
Arise and shine and give God your Glory happy you can't hear me singing;)

Also goes along with CHRISTmas day 9
Isaiah 60:1
"Arise, Shine for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rise upon you"
Thank you for following along this year on Facebook, 
I am getting better daily hope to be back blogging daily soon.
Soon and very soon... (there I go singing again;)

We have been working on some lanterns for the trees outside here is a sample

Jesse Placing the lights on the fence line.  I Picked white, plan on leaving these bad boys up year round can't wait to see them in the summer.  YES, we live in SD and Yes, there has been no measurable snow this year.  We are getting VERY dry!  
Have not been able to use 4WD in the new SUV yet either.
  Doesn't she look sweet?   Her name is Pearl;)

And for your singing pleasure.  You are welcome, LOL!

Hope this post has you singing along and shining your light.

A quick easy tutorial:
Fill cleaned Steel can with water.
Place in freezer or outside if you live in the right climate.
Take a nail, hammer and template and start punching your outline.
(I used a star cookie cutter for our template and taped it to the can)
You can find more elaborate designs on the web however, I was shooting for easy.
Spray paint and let dry.
Attach wire to one side of can, bead around to the opposite side and attach creating your handle.
I am using battery operated tea lights you can also use regular tea lights just have to keep an eye on them.
Hang and enjoy.

Happy Stamp Day.  God Bless!


Amy said...

Super cool lanterns! I too love that song.

Chris said...

these will look so cute on your fence!! i have wanted to do this also. your pearl is very pretty!!