Sunday, December 18, 2011

Subway Art

Yesterday I shared with you the free links for CHRISTmas subway art you can find the links here
I was waiting for night because there are so many shadows in this room during the day for picture snapping however, I am not sure that even helped to wait.  So sorry for a BLAH pic, looks so grand IRL.

I printed off the subway art in 5 by 7 so they would fit in the frames I had.  My DH calls me the woodpecker because I am always putting holes in the walls.  Not today baby, I am using what I have;)
A few pine boughs and cones from outside and suddenly the wall is festive for CHRISTmas.

I was in need of some quick ornaments, the CHRISTmas program for church snuck up on me.  I am so disappointed that the Church  caved and switched the program from CHRISTmad eve because people are busy.  Too busy to celebrate CHRIST this season in the church, so disturbing for me!!!! 
Thanks for listening to my little rant moving on now to show you the ornament. 
 I printed off the subway art 9 to a page (wallet size setting for my printer).  I just had to trim them up a bit to fit inside.  Inside what?  A Name Badge holder!  A touch of PTI Pure Poppy ribbon and I was set.  I also made it reversible.  

Okay, for this one I found a nativity silhouette online and printed it off so it would fit a...Button.  I have had them for ever in my stash I thought it would work wonderfully and it did;)

Product list...
Name badges
digital files

So there you have it three
 totally fast and easy CHRISTmas ideas.  
There are so many free files for this type of printable art not to mention the "keep calm and" printables
You can find these printables and more in my what?

Happy Stamp Day.  God Bless!


Jen said...

Those are cute ornaments! I like that they are super simple too!
It so sad that even at church people compromise the true meaning of (Christ)mas. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Chris said...

all super fun ideas, love them!!

Wanda said...

I LOVE these Sara, they are FABULOUS. What a great idea with the name badges!!!