Saturday, December 18, 2010


You are going to enjoy these little beauties they are from my Mother's side of the family Norwegian in Heritage. They are actually classified as a cake but I call them cookies;) It is tradition to make them in our home every CHRISTmas.

However, it takes good instruction and practice when it comes to Krumkake. Pay attention I am giving up my secrets so everyone can enjoy the wonderful tradition of Krumkake.

1) Ingredients start with the freshest you can get, good pure vanilla and lemon extract make the flavor delightful.

Grandma "Skovly" Smith Recipe

3 well beaten eggs
1/2 C Sugar
1/2 C Flour
1/2 C Butter (one stick) melted but not hot you don't want to cook the eggs
1/2 tsp Vanilla
1/2 tsp Lemon Extract

Mix, drop by tsp onto the center of the press, count to three then flip. Remove from press with a table knife and roll. Makes about 3 dozen.

My Mom taught me when making cookies for our family to double the recipe or you are just wasting your time Krumkake is one recipe that should not be doubled!

2) The press should be of cast iron and used over open flame. I remove the burner cover and place the collar right around the flame there is only about an inch or so of clearance enough to flip the press.

**You are working with lots of grease from the butter and alcohol from the flavorings it is a must to have a fire extinguisher standing by**
**Cookies should be a light tan in color and not lacy, if they are lacy your iron is too hot causing the alcohol in the flavorings to burn off quickly.

**Just like pancakes as the saying goes the first few never turn out perfect you have to reach optimal performance between heat and the timing of the flip.**

3) Krumkake should not be rolled tightly when rolling it should be just loose enough to hold the cone shape and not cool flat. If you are right handed set up your work space to the right this will help create a good rhythm. Once you get the hang of them it becomes a fast process.

**You can purchase a rolling cone but I was taught with a knife and my fingers.**

When eating krumkake if you are not picking crumbs off your shirt or holding your hand under you chin they have not been made correctly.

Some people like to stuff them with cream or dust with powdered sugar, Naked krumkake is how our family rolls.

Let them cool on wax paper, do not stack.

Best when made the day of your celebration.

Find a good hiding spot if you leave them out you will have none to share.

If you find yourself wanting to try these I have found some Irons that would be a good purchase...
Amazon Nordic Ware
Kohl's Nordic Ware
Live around my area they can be found at Ace Hardware.

If you purchase an electric model I wish you luck, I don't recommend them! Grandma would be saying, "Uf Da FY Da". Yes, I find myself saying a few of her expressions from time to time. Wanna know the meaning...Uf Da (annoyed) Fy Da (horrified). You may just be uttering some along your Krumkake journey.

May you have a Gud Jul (Merry CHRISTmas) Gud velsigne deg (God Bless You).


Jen said...

Oh these are so yummy! I'm on my way over!=)

Chris said...

the naked, does not surprise bad girl!! lol these look super good!!