Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Elizabeth is a quiet child, Mom's restful one. She doesn't get in my face yelling back, "it's not fair", "I don't want to". Liz just does! I was just listening to a friends play list this is totally the perfect description of Liz. "Could have com like a mighty storm with the force of a Hurricane (Donna and Jessica)...But you came like a winter snow quiet soft and slow." She could not be more different from her Sisters on so many levels. To my FAULTS she tends to get lost in the shuffle of our Chaotic lives and big personalities.

This post is going to be tough for me I have looked at it for days wondering if I should hit the post key or delete it. Have to post it may be a difficult story but I find hope here...All have fallen short... Romans 3:23

We set aside a day to celebrate Liz and end up spending the day in the Emergency Room with her Sister. This was Monday December 20th with only 3 days left on the Semester Calendar Liz used her free day from school. She worked very hard to get this with good grades and perfect attendance last year. She never once complained she had to sit in a room and wait on her sister.

THE hardest thing I had to do on August 16th was the simple act of hanging up a phone. The single most important time Liz needs me most, I am hanging up the phone on her. The story goes like this...
Elizabeth was in the passenger seat that day, she did not want to go with Donna but Mom made her go. Her seat belt kept her in the car. She was unconscious for a time that is not known. She woke up couldn't get out her door, did not see Donna in the Drivers seat. She climbed out through Donna's window still did not see her Sister. She heard the phone ring. Went back into the car to retrieve it. Called back the missed call, Donna's friend. At that point Donna's friend called me. Liz was flagging down a semi truck, LITTLE LIZ stopped a truck for her Sister. I know!

I was told there was an accident with the girls.
"No, I just talked to them they will be home in a few minutes."
No, Liz called there has been an accident.
"This is a joke you girls are so funny"
No Sara this is not a Joke
"This is a joke they will be home in a few minutes"
No Sara (She could not get me to hear what she was saying).
It took her Mother and Father coming to the house to get me before I would believe.

All of this is happening in seconds, seems like a lot when you wright it out but, just seconds are going past.
I called Donna's phone and Elizabeth answers...
"What is going on? Where are you? Give the phone to Donna."
Big blue house
"What is going on? Where is Donna"
Big blue house.
"ELIZABETH, Where is Donna? What is going on?"
I can't find her
"What do you mean you can't find her, WHERE IS DONNA?"
Big Blue House
Big Blue House
"What?" Then next I am hanging up the phone. What the heck was I thinking? Well I was thinking that someone had seen what was going on and called it in? Possibly they could track Donna's Cell phone? Hopefully the person I talk to next would be able to give me some answers as to what the heck is going on. That is what I was thinking.

I was right 911 was on the phone with the Man who Liz had flagged down.
What is the car?
"White Toyota Camry"
How old are the girls
"15 and 13"
Where do you think they could be
"either hyw 42 or back roads about 20 minutes from sioux falls"
Okay, this is the accident go here.

It was the right thing to do for what was going on but who would think this is the right way? What Mom would think this is the right thing to do? To my fault this One, Me, Elizabeth's Mom. The Mom who hung up the phone when she was scared, hurt, crying, confused. Me, Mom, this person talking to you. The same one who put Liz in the car to go with her Sister. (Well, I made her ride along so in a sense I put her in the predicament and my next step was to hang up on her.) What am I? Who am I? What Mom does this?

This pic is from Donna's friends all you see is Elizabeth's side of the car. No broken window yet she had a concussion. Could not open her door because when the car rolled over damage was done to the back and to the front. Nothing on Liz's door.

What you don't see is the road on the other side, dug up, ruts, shoes, phones, ipods, pepperoni, prunes, metal, glass, plastic...all over the road for many feet. Where the photographer is standing is the Ambulance, sheriff cars, multiple cars from the people who came to help. What you don't see the Truck Driver has left, he went to the intersection to stop cars.

It is on my list now that my brain can multi task again to find this man Liz was able to stop.

Okay, I will get funny for one second here this is pretty good. God has some pretty good ones if you just look!
I did say pepperoni and did say prunes. Pepperoni from the pizzas they went into town to pick up. Prunes from the tree my sisters had made for my 40th Bday. Liz first saw me when we arrived and she said SORRY! I know, Sorry! The prune tree was scattered all over the road and the pizza was ruined. The kid said Sorry! Oh, it gets better. Sometime around 3 AM the next day, I made it to LIZ. Guess where she was? In the HOT STUFF wing on the Hospital. Hot Stuff, where Mom used to work, where my brother in law still works, where the pizza's were picked up from.
I did crack a smile, looked up and said, "Your kidding me right"? "How can you be funny like this now?", God I was talking to here, laughing at him talking to him out loud. Like he was right there? OMGOODNESS, he was there. Getting me to laugh so I could get past where I was stuck. Getting me to laugh showing me this is how I had to deal with the situation. He was there!

At the hospital it continued to be her Sister that need me more. I asked my Sisters to stay with Liz and not to let her know how bad her Sister was hurt. My Sisters sat with my Daughter. I was not there. My Sisters assured Elizabeth, loved Elizabeth, cared for Elizabeth. Her Mother was not there.

Weeks go by, Liz starts school. I don't ask Elizabeth how it is going, how her teachers are, if she needs help with anything. I don't even ask how she is about riding in cars, the bus. I don't even ask!

More time goes by I am totally lost as to what Liz has been doing for months.

Liz calls, asking me to come home. I don't go home, I stayed with Donna.

Okay, I have to stop there this list was long, I totally have messed this up. Anyone know how I can fix the situation please tell me.

So Our Beautiful Elizabeth, was in the Car also yet she is pushed aside.

Elizabeth has done many great things in the shadows...

Elizabeth goes to Church EVERY SUNDAY, she helps with the nursery EVERY SUNDAY. (Some adults don't keep to this commitment but Liz is there to pick up the slack.)

Elizabeth is a great student. Even after the wicked start to the school year Liz has not missed one day.

Who made Mom her favorite Bday cake...Liz

Church Concert on Sunday four girls were singing. One Girl new the entire song, that was Liz. Liz kept singing!

I love you Elizabeth.
Life is a splendid gift-there is nothing small about it. Florence Nightengale


Chris said...

wow, what a great story for liz. she sounds like an amazing woman and god gave you her for a reason. she's your calm in the storms {donna & jessica}. you are so blessed.

Jen said...

Sara..this is so beautiful and touching! I agree with Chris..God gave you her for a reason...we all need that calm in the storm and you are blessed to have her. She's a beautiful girl! Who I'm sure blesses many people in her life. Thanks for sharing! Elizabeth is an inspiration!