Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I thought to look back this past year a bit differently, I did not have much time to create and come up with new projects to show off. On the other hand my kids did all the work for me this year. Not one scrapbook page was made, yet more memories were created and life lessons learned.

Do you have a guess what the single most uttered word in our home might be?

Hands down it has to be "Jessica". She turned 5 on November 12, guess who forgot her bday? Mom Did! Just to get everyone though the past few months I totally was concentrating on one thing, "Donna", and all other stuff I was pushing to the side. I was paying attention. I did take notes. I had to write everything down, text myself and I still was forgetting things. The big joke among the girls and their friends this year for Christmas my gift is to be the "Jitterbug phone". Yeah girls, next time you need something let me know I will be sure to forget it.

At 5 she has learned to dance in the rain "okay, the hospital fountain, while the security guard is walking by with a huge smile on his face." Why, he met..."Jessica".

She is very creative and always on an adventure sure to pull you along no matter where she is going or what she is doing. I have always said about this kid once she goes somewhere you know she has been there and you will remember her name. That would be..."Jessica".

Who can fall off of Bear (our lab) and ask her Mom for a new Horse..."JESSICA".

Who then can take the same dog and put her dress on him..."JESSICA".

Who then will paint his toes red..."JESSICA". And drip nail polish all over my living room rug? You got it now, "JESSICA"!

Who would use their Mother's favorite lipstick as eyeshadow..."JESSICA".

Who goes out on Halloween as a princess, dancing, butterfly cat at the same time...Jessica. I think the look on her face is when she remembered she may have forgotten to put something on?

Who can catch a single fish in a bucket while swimming when her uncle has fished all day and has caught nothing...Jessica. Then walk around in public with a mermaid tail...you guessed it, Jessica.

Who is not afraid to start something with a peacock at the zoo..."JESSICA". He did chase her around by the way and I silently said an I told you so;) Don't worry I have it figured out all ready this kid is going to do what she wants, when she wants and however she wants. Sound like someone you might know?

Who will give Donna a driving lesson as we are going down the road...Jessica.

Who can be found sleeping in my bed...Jessica.

Who is more comfortable in Church sleeping under the pew instead of sitting in it..."JESSICA".

Who will shout out in the store "I Like Big Balls"..."JESSICA". In reference to "Wipeout", one of our fave tv shows she just spied on a magazine cover. "We knew what she was talking about however, the other 20 people around us didn't."

Who would drag their mother through the HS lunch room at 12:00 just so she could hug Donna's friends...Jessica.

Who can approach a stranger at the store and have the following conversation?
Hi, I'm Jessica
What is your name?
This is my Mom, Sara
Do you know God?
Have you seen him?
I have He lives in my Heart.
Oh yes she did that's my girl! I was amazed and horrified at the same moment not sure how the lady was going to react. She did get an answer the lady told her, "He is in my heart too Jessica"! Yep. She now knows her name, JESSICA".

Who will choose the crowded table in a cafeteria over the empty table in the corner..."JESSICA".

Who was heartbroken when she was not allowed to go talk to the sick kids in their rooms, yet found a way to make them laugh while in the doorway..."JESSICA".

Who is never afraid to get her feet wet..."JESSICA"

Who is always standing there just watching you 24/7 saying, "Mommy I love You"...Jessica

As Jessica's Mom I am so very aware and humbled to the fact that she does a wonderful job of pointing out my faults and failures. I love you Jessica;)

Micah 6:8
He has showed you, O man, what is good;
and what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.

Okay, Dad and Jan you can stop laughing now. I get it, really I got it!

Happy Stamp Day, God Bless.


Chris said...

well, here's the journaling for your next "jessica" page! cute words, it totally made me laugh!! she is adorable. it's these children that keep us young...i have quinn...

Sara Paschal said...

You are so right, I will be playing catch up in 2011 that is for sure.

Jen said...

Sara...this is the most heartwarming...funny..inspiring post! Thank you for sharing! Jessica is a true blessing from God! Hugs to her and you!