Sunday, June 15, 2008

Diaper Bag Technique (a tutorial)...

This was my submission project for the PaperTrey Ink Best Baby Gift June GSS. It is a stationary set tucked into a diaper bag, such a great gift for a busy new Mom. She can track her gifts with the notebook and send out personal thank yous using handmade cards. Thank you for visiting, enjoy!

My finished project holds 6 matching cards with envies, two beaded pens and a mini altered composition notebook.

Supply list...
designer papers
card stock
7" zipper
red line tape
Fiscars score blade or Scor-Pal
corner rounder
sewing machine

1) First you will need to make two Card Keepers.
The template can be found here
Impressions Card Holder
Use your Designer papers for the card keepers

2) Cut the bottom of your diaper bag from the same designer paper you used for the card keepers.
6" by 2 1/2" is the dimension

3) Cut your sides for the diaper bag from the same designer series paper as your card keepers and the bottom of bag.
2 1/2" by 5" (you will need two of these pieces)
Score on the tall side at 4 1/2" (this will make your flap to attach the sides to the bottom of your bag).

4) Attach your sides to the card keepers using redliner tape.

Photo above is of one side attached to one card keeper

Photo above is of one side attached to both card keepers

Photo above is of both sides attached to both card keepers

5) Attach your ribbon to the diaper bag using redliner tape, start your ribbon on the bottom of one of the sides.

Above photo shows you where to start adhering your length of ribbon

Above photo shows you how your ribbon looks when it is attached completely to the bottom of the diaper bag

6) Attach your bottom to your scored flaps of the sides and the bottoms of your card keepers.

Above photo shows the bottom attached to the diaper bag

Above photo shows your diaper bag as it should look after completing the above steps

7) Now you are ready to make your side pockets.
cut two pieces of card stock 3" by 3 3/4"
Score these pieces 1/4" on three sides (Do not score the top.)

Above is a photo of the two side pockets and how they should be scored then folded

8) Attach your pockets by placing redliner tape on your 1/4" folds and adhere to your diaper bag sides. Now this would traditionally become your bottle holders of your diaper bag, I used my side pockets to hold the beaded pens for my stationary set.

Above photo is of the completed pocket on the diaper bag

9) Center top closure is made by attaching your card stock with redliner tape to your 7" zipper. If you have access to a sewing machine this would be a fantastic place to use it to attach your zipper to the card stock. (For my project I stuck with the redliner tape, I do have issues with the zipper pulling off as you try to zip or unzip the diaper bag.)
Here are the dimensions for the card stock 6" by 1", score the length at center 1/2". You will need two of these strips.

10) Attach your zipper and card stock to the card keepers with redliner tape.

Above photo you see the zipper attached to the card stock, I used redliner tape and placed the card stock right up against the zipper teeth. For this diaper bag I used eyelets to help adhere the zipper to the card stock where I have used Faux stitching I would recommend that you used an actual sewing machine.

Above photo shows the zipper assembly attached to the diaper bag.

I would love to see your Diaper Bag project please link in the comments for this post or send me a pic my email addy is

Happy Stamp Day!


Wanda said...

OMG Sara, this is incredible! What a lot of time you spent on this fabulous project. I am just amazed!!!!

StampinCathy said...

Sara this is just to adorable. My niece is having a baby and I am going to have to add this to my list for her. You are just amazing.

Cheryl said...

Wowzer!!! This is quite the project Sara. You are soooooo.... creative. thanks for sharing. Hope Nichole loved it.

Sandy said...

What an amazing project you created!! Love it.

Rochelle W said...

OMG Sara!!!! This is awesome. I love it. What a clever idea. This is great!!! I love it, can't you tell.

Dana said...

Super Super Cute!!!