Friday, June 6, 2008

Flyingace74 Swap Card...

On a personal note many of you know the weather here in South Dakota has been soggy to say the least for the past few weeks. Many crops have not made it in the ground and fields and homes have been flooded out. My Sister called me yesterday saying that they have water in the basement and some homes in their area of town have water approaching the doors emergency management in the Lincoln county area placed a call for anyone available to help sandbag the Christmas Lake area of town. Here is a link to some flood photos at
Here is the news story for my Sisters area of town Flood waters in Canton, Christmas Lake.
Our home is fine, the dog has his own swimming pool (the backyard) but for us water in the basement is not unusual. Our main concern is my DH's work hours due to vacation last week and the rain he has not been able to get any overtime and that is making it tough just for our family to keep up on the daily cost of living and fuel.

Please keep my Sister and others in the Midwest in your thoughts and prayers during this trying time of heavy wet spring weather.

Here is some good news this swap card from Flyingace74 arrived with Thursday's Mail I so loved this card I just had to share it with all of you...

Happy Stamp Day!


Anonymous said...


Wishing you the best for you, your family, and your sister.

I'm happy you enjoyed that card. I think it turned out cute! I can't remember right now but I was on someone's blog who attended a class Nichole of PTI taught in Tenn. and she actually made a card enclosure with that business sized envelope. I was inspired by that and thought it would be fitting for the PTI swap of course!

Wanda said...

So cute!