Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gifted Glove Meets 2012 "A Tutorial"

Hi, Ya'll;)

I wanted to take time today and share a little
about the 
World of Digi Stamps with you.

I have been in the process of turning my OLD
(Okay, really old!)
Stampin' Up sets to digital files.

Today I am going to show you what I have done with
"Gifted Glove",
Remember that beautiful set?
I fell in love with this set after it was retired and had to make my
purchase on Ebay.
I may have used it one time for Christmas Cards other than
that it has been tucked away.
Those were some expensive Christmas Cards, just sayin;)
Now that I have it digitized I find myself using it all the time.

Here is my digi card creation:

Oh yeah, I almost forgot that Baroque Motifs has also been digitized and used 
in this creation.

Here are the set images,  
they are stamped in Palette Black Noir ink:

Below you can see a comparison.  
I love that you can re-size the image.
With rubber it is what it is.
This manipulation would be a PRO for Digi images, SIZE.

Also how beautiful the digi colored images are.
I never had cards looking this good with this set in
rubber form, I shutter to think of those designs today.
This manipulation would be PRO number 2, Infinite Creative Options

And the same with the scarecrow...

Here are the steps I take to digitize my rubber images:
Step 1
Stamp your rubber images with palette Noir black 
onto white card stock.
Step 2
Scan your card stock, and save to your computer
as either a JPG or PNG file.
Step 3
Open your graphic manipulation software.
(I use Photoshop)
Step 4
I use the Quick Selection tool around one image and than after it is selected I move the single image into a new 4" by 4" file.
Step 5
Save the new file.
Step 6
Open a duplicate file to work on.
(this is important otherwise you will be making changes to your original file)
Step 7
Manipulate your digital image as you would like.
Step 8
Save your duplicated file to a Scanned Stamp Folder.

Products used:
Mommyish Autumn Haze

Stampin' Up stamp sets:
Gifted Glove
Baroque Motifs

I will return next week with a tutorial post on how
I color my digital images.


Amy said...

Cute as can be! Great tutorial also.

Chris said...

very cool idea!!

Mrs. S said...

Very good example.