Monday, June 11, 2012

Fartsy VS Artsy

Oh My Stars!  You all know how much I am in love with our Michael's store in Sioux Falls.  NOT!!!!
I went in a couple weeks ago with a list of what I needed.  They had nothing on said list, NOTHING!
I went out to the car and called Sioux City.  Guess what?  They had everything and asked if I wanted to pay for it over the phone and they would ship to me.  That would have been fine and dandy however, I decided we needed a break from gold old Monroe.  That Saturday I than packed up the family and we headed south.  I did not tell them where we were going and did that ever upset the crew.  Than we pulled up to Michael's and UGS were abundant all around;)  
Really Mom, we came here for Michael's?
I did have to take a gander at all the pretties so 
I only told them after that I had an order ready to be picked up;)

Next we visited the Golden Corral and that perked everyone up, it possibly could have been the 

A friend had told me about the art Museum they had so we headed downtown to check it out.
The permanent collection blows anything away that we have in Sioux Falls.
However, the science center at WASHPAV in Sioux Falls has better features for the little kiddos.

And coming later this summer ( July 14 - Oct 14) my favorite artist and thinker 
 Leonardo Da Vinci

My favorites of the day...
1.  Francis Robert White
Return from Work
This so reminded me of our family when I was little so could not wait for Daddy to get home from work;)

2.  Billy Hassell
Bluejay Ojibwe

3.  I don't have the name on this sculpture however, the lady is made from glass.  This totally blew me away.  LOVE IT!

4.  Grant Wood
Corn Field Mural

It so bothers me that art class has been removed from our school.  Makes it more important to me that the girls visit wonderful Museums as mentioned above on a fairly regular basis.

I even met a new friend...

Be Creative, make ART!
Happy stamp day.  God Bless!


Chris said...

i would have loved to go with you all!! sounds like a great day trip with your girls! i grew up with golden corral..but they aren't out

Jen said...

Sounds like a great summer day trip! Our M's sucks too so I feel your pain...I'm just happy we have a HL too=).