Thursday, May 6, 2010

Organza Flower Headband

This is totally the hip and happening style right now huge flowers, in the hair, necklaces even on rings and let's not forget on our craft projects.

1) Cut various sizes of circles from Organza fabric. For this size flower 6" circle was the largest and 1" the smallest.
2) Carefully hold the edges of the circle over a candle flame (just enough to let the edges of the organza roll up, DH says at this point they resemble a small shower cap).
**Caution is needed here over heating can cause a flash flame and burnt fabric**
3) Layer your melted petals and stitch them together.
4) Place your flower center, I used a button here pearls and gems are also cute to use.
5) Stitch the flower to a headband, I did mine loose so it can be moved around. Pin backs and ring bevels can also be used.

Keep in mind the more layers you have on your flower the prettier the bloom looks. I will be back with my next project to show you using this style of bloom on a card.

Product list...
Organza in white
Headband (Hobby Lobby)


Banu said...

OMG!!!!!! This is just ab fab. Loved it. WOW!!! and you DD looks so cute wearing it Sara. Awesome.

Wanda said...

You did a wonderful job on the flower. It's SO pretty! TFS

Chris said...

ok, can she get any freakin cuter? omg, lock her in a closet b4 boys find her!! and that hairband is fabulous!! i wonder if quinn will wear one...

Jen said... Chris' comment!
Your hairband is fabulous! and I agree with Chris...she's just too stinkin' cute!