Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Candy Break, wrinkled seam binding...

I have to take a break today from my week of flower posts so I can get my blog candy up as a tiny treat. First I have to say when I saw Mish using this stuff I was hooked it is just so yummy! Then I asked around to see how it was made and no one would share the secret so I did it my way and it came out just as yummy! Here is how you can make it...

I recommend getting your seam binding ribbon from Sew True (linked below)...

Next you cut off the amount you want to dye and set aside.
Fill a spritz bottle 1/4 of the way with warm water
Drop in your reinker color of choice (I used a rich color around 8 drops)
A.) PTI reinkers gave a solid color dye
B.) SU reinkers gave the ribbon a tye dye appearance (click on photo to enlarge you can really see this difference in the green ribbons. The first green was with SU wasabi reinker and the second green was with PTI ripe avocado, see how the first has the beautiful tye dye look and the second is solid)
C.) Your color will be a tad different if you use the white compared to the cream seam binding
Shake well to blend the water and reinker
Fill another spritz bottle full with warm water
Spritz the ribbon with the plain water til damp
Spritz on your dye, scrunching and wadding as your spray
I did spray some of my seam binding with Tattered Angel silver mist spray for some extra sparkle
Set aside on wax paper to dry
When I past through the kitchen I did some extra scrunching and turning
A.) I used my kitchen table with the ceiling fan above it did not take long at all for the ribbon to dry
B.) If you are in a rush you can use your heat gun
Here is my SECRET and I am happy to share it with you, as it was drying I took a very small dab of hair gel and wadded up the ribbon more. I love how this look dried and yes it holds the wrinkles wonderfully. Next Sew True is a wonderful company if you are thinking of trying this I recommend ordering from Sew True.

So wanna win some of my ribbon spooled on vintage clothes pins along with some plain white and cream?(I will pack extra treats in your winning package along with the ribbon.) Leave me a comment on this post saying what you like or don't like about crafty secrets, LOL! You will have until Tuesday June first to comment, one comment will be drawn with the random number generator on Wednesday and the winner posted shortly after, one comment per person please.

Wanna hear the funny my DH made...Are you ready? "Why do you have to make more ribbon when you have so much?" ROTFLOL! My Man knows nothing about pretty ribbon and how addicting they can be. My Mother used to make some of our clothes and it was a HUGE treat to get a headband made of some extra ribbon.

Happy Stamp Day, God Bless!


Chris said...

ok, i have to try this! i have wanted some of that ribbon since i saw it, but i REFUSE to by it from her!!! LOL i love your secrets, you are always ready to try anything!!

Wanda said...

I LOVE your ribbon. I'm SO into Vintage stuff. Maybe because I'm close to being considered "vintage" myself!!! Great Blog Candy Sara! I love your tutorial on how to die the seam binding. TFS

Cheryl said...

I am sooooo glad that you are back blogging full time. I missed all of your great secrets and ideas. What a creative person you are!!! Thanks for sharing.

sgc said...

Sara--this is wonderful! So glad to see you back because you do such great things!

Jen said...

Thank you Sara for sharing with us YOUR secret! Very cool! I'm not a big Mish follower so I haven't seen this yummy ribbon it!

Angela said...

Way cool! Love how you have packaged this ribbon too; it looks awesome. What do I love about crafty secrets? Why, sharing of course!

Banu said...

Sara, this is wonderful. WOW Thanks for sharing. Are you sure you won't sell some of your amazing creative stuff on Etsy?