Monday, March 8, 2010

Now that's GL-assy!

My friend Chris made up some tiles last week and it motivated me to play around with the glass tiles I had staring me down for months now.

Finished tiles I have flipped one over so you can see the painted back. Such a beautiful blue I LOVE IT! Don't they look like a cool pool waiting to be dove into? Just think what you can do with the glass tiles once PTI starts releasing the acrylic paints!!!

So I put the positive side of the cut on the tiles and used the negative pieces to etch the votive holder. I still have the backing paper sheets to use stay tuned to see what I have done with them.

Directions on how to use the second cut for an etched glass votive...
1) Use carrier sheet to pick up negative pieces of vinyl from the cutting mat
2) Adhere the carrier sheet to glass votive and burnish with craft stick
3) Remove carrier sheet
4) Apply glass etching cream per product directions
5) Wash off cream
6) Remove cut pieces to reveal etching

And on a personal note DH worked his first FULL week last week, (Insert Happy Dance Here)and the card table for Montana trip did WONDERFULLY;)

Product list...
Painted Glass Tiles
White Vinyl
Cricut Expression
Cricut Storybook cartridge
Glass votive
etching cream


Amy said...

Beautiful projects, Sara! I wouldn't have thought to put the vinyl on the tiles--they look great! Have yet to try the vinyl with the cricut. Great news about Jesse! Do you have benefits now? And congrats about doing well with the cards for the Montana trip--but I'm not surprised LOL!

Rebecca said...

Wow, those look awesome!!! Way beyond what I want to try, but I love seeing your finished product.

Jen said...

Wow these are beautiful!

Chris said...

very cool. love the votive candles! so glad jess had a FULL week of work, just fabulous!!

Banu said...

Cool!!!! U inspire me to use my cricut..but not sure I can do so good with Vinyl.

Susan said...

Oh those are WAY cool!! I wish I was as creative as you!!