Friday, March 19, 2010

Clip-Its and Courage

One can never have enough of these clips in the kitchen that is the way it is around our home. The girls were helping get a bunch of these ready a few weeks ago to sell at church. My faves were in the tins they would make such an easy hostess gift not to mention an awesome storage place, some were also packaged in sets of 5.

Product list...
Clothes Pins
Modge Podge
Foam Brush
Buttons and ribbon (pti)
Glue Dots

To make cut strips out of your dp the size of your clothes pin, use a small amount of modge podge to adhere the paper and cover the top. We did both sides however, only embellished one side with button.

My wonderful friend Dana sent me a CD by Jorie, Songs of Deliverance you can find Jorie at this link Thank you so much Dana the songs on this CD are BEAUTIFUL;)

Courage sticks out as my favorite really speaks to me as our lives go these days.
"but you ask me once again if I will follow will I follow you but, what if I fall break in two but what if the pain hurts more then where I was before I followed you. But what if this road never ends...Because you can make all things new...that's you, that's my God. I can't but you can...that's my God..."

Visit this link at (in)Courage to see five ways to celebrate Easter. I really loved reading through this post I think you will also what stuck out to me is tracking Jesus to Calvary the art on the candle holder is so beautiful.


Banu said...

Sara, these turned out gorgeous. WOW what a beautiful idea. loved it.

Susan said...

These are beautiful!! I've made a few myself but never thought to store them in those tins!!

Chris said...

very cute!! love this idea!!

Amy said...

So cute! Great packaging idea too.