Monday, March 15, 2010

Biker Princess

As soon as Little J could see the street she wanted to try out her big girl bike;) She does really good goes has to learn to STOP!

Love the tire splash!

Little J has been sick, sinus infection, has not felt like doing anything and that sure is not like her. She is on antibiotics now so she should get better soon.

D back from Montana safe and sound, she had a wonderful trip said she actually liked the snowboarding and skiing. She has a few pics I will see if she will hook me up with a few of them.

Jesse is now on his second full week of work, YES!!

We are really keeping an eye on the water levels outside and checking the basement twice a day, so far so good keeping our fingers crossed.


Chris said...

thanks for sharing!! glad to see your family is doing good!!

Wanda said...

That is SO sweet. It brought back memories of learning to ride my bike and the skinned knees! LOL Glad to hear things are looking better at your home, I hope they continue to go that way. And I hope too that the flood waters stay low. Our snow is gone here, want to send me some? I miss it already!

Jen said...

Cute pictures! Hope Little J is better soon!

Banu said...

Cute Pictures Sara..Good to hear more about your family and to see you online posting.

Susan said...

She is adorable!! Hope she is recovered by now. Miss you!!

Amy said...

Adorable pix!