Saturday, November 1, 2008

Weekend Cat Naps

Don't you just get a big kick out of our little kitty? She can curl up anywhere anytime. She likes to rest on top of the computer cabinet (my craft cabinet) while I am creating. This day she decided to nap on my Xyron Box, good thing I did not need it I would have hated to wake her up so peaceful.

The point I am trying to make today is that I will no longer be posting on Saturday or Sunday. This time of year is just crazy for our family along with DH's new weekend work schedule I just have to take a Weekend Cat Nap.

I will be back on Monday's with my Color Challenge so you have something wonderful to look forward to.

Have a happy stamp day! And enjoy a weekend cat nap!


Cheryl said...

The rest will do wonders for you Sara. Will be looking for you Monday!

Wanda said...

I will miss your postings but I understand. I look forward to your Monday post!!