Saturday, June 4, 2011

Have a Cookie

Last week I posted a FB status where I had found a doily imprint cookie.  Oh they looked so YUMMY and fun.  I had to give it a try right away.  The dough has to be very chilled or you will not have a reasonable result.  I also did not like how large the cookies were even my smallest doily so I made the print and then took a cookie cutter to the dough.  The strawberries were made with the same dough...

 I so can't get enough of these snack sets.  I have been keeping my eyes open for a milk glass painted version.  So far no luck locally:(  

Here is the link for the Doily Cookie Tute

Here is a close up of the imprinted cooked I played with the contrast so the print was more visible...

"Going to drive up to Dad and Jan's Cabin for the weekend. I am so ready for toes in the water and ass in the sand not a worry in the world a cold (Mt. Dew) in my hand
 not a worry in the world life is good today!!"
Zac Brown Band Toes

Have a happy stamp day.  God Bless.


Jen said...

Very cool idea! I think I might try it sometime. Love all the goodies you've been showing!

Chris said...

love this!! they look so yummy!! i hope you enjoyed your time st the beach!!