Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Playing Tag With Friends

Growing up I hated to play Tag, I never was a fast runner so I was always IT UGH! As a crafter Tag is much more fun, my Friend Chris (visit her blog with this link) sent me some of these Baked beauties for my Bday, thank you so much Chris;)

I am in the middle of a PT run of 6weeks and returning to the Dr on the 11th. Things are getting harder the more I continue the more they push my boundaries and comfort level. ICE is my best friend along with my bed and Cuddly Cody (more to come on Cody soon). I will be away from the computer for the rest of the week and into next I do check email at times and facebook leave me a message there if you need to contact me. (I have left a sneak peek about Cody on my FB wall.)

A very sad event happened to our DD and her friends this past weekend. They are sitting for some family pets returned on Sunday to find Cujo had passed away Cujo was a St. Bernard he loved to swim and play in the stock dam with the cows on hot days. Because of all the rain the Monroe Lagoons spilled over into the stock dam and caused bacteria to build up in the water. The vet said Cujo drank the water causing bad Gas to build up and his stomach to twist. He reassured the girls there was nothing they could have done to save the dog. I feel so sorry for them and for Cujo's family, Pets become such members of the family it is hard to say goodbye to them.

Happy Stamp Day, God Bless!


Amy said...

Both of these cards are beautiful! Sorry about poor Cujo; what an awful experience for the girls!

Chris said...

i love what you did with these tags! your cards are gorgeous!

sorry to hear about your friend's dog, never an easy thing. sending a hug or 2...

and you, feel better real soon! too bad we didn't live closer i could come over and bother you...lol ok and bring cookies to soothe your very sore body...>"<

Wanda said...

GREAT cards Sara!

Jen said...

These cards are lovely!

So sad to hear about the girls dog friend.

Hope the PT is helping even if it hurts. Hugs to you!