Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Season's Greetings cling vinyl

I had some learning to do with this stuff, then I was horrified when I realized the Names I mailed out to my friends children would not stick the way they were cut. (Don't worry I am making up some new goodies and these will be really cool)

So with the cling vinyl (does not have an adhesive back) it is supposed to cling on glass, mirror etc.

1) If you take it straight from the carrier sheet and place it on your cutting mat the cling side will face the outside of a window. So when you are looking in the image appears correctly.

2) If you take the cling and flip it before you place it on your cutting mat the cling side will face to the inside of a window. So when you are looking out the image appears correctly.

I thought it was just not clingy because I had paper fibers on my cutting mat and they transferred to the cling, not so there is a right and a wrong side to this stuff. The cut I am showing today was at 5 1/2" it is the plain cut and the shadow blackout button (yep, I should have used a color other then green for the shadow blackout because now the leaves don't show up well) the berries are some leftover bling I had sitting on my desk. This is sticky on the letter side so it resides on our back door so people can see it when the come in. I am going to be working on some for our big picture window, I should have the routine down on this stuff now.

I purchased my Grafix cling Vinyl sheets here

Product list...
Cricut Expression
Cricut Winter Woodland
Grafix Cling Vinyl red and green

Happy Stamp Day!


Amy said...

Cool cling! and thanks for the tips on using vinyl cling. You are always so good about sharing.

Jen said...

Wonderful cling! I'll make note that there is a right and wrong side if I ever venture into vinyl.

Chris said...

what a great idea!! you are so clever!! >"<