Monday, July 27, 2009


You can download my .cut file here.cut file Mickey T, you will need the Mickey and Friends Cartridge to cut this file in DS. This file is sized for a child's size 6 T.

Another use for my Cricut Expression and happy to have DH working the meat counter? Yes, I used the Cricut to make this T for my Nephew's Birthday. Tutorial below. My DH works the meat counter at our local HY Vee, his boss was confused when DH asked him for some plain freezer paper then he chuckled when DH said the wife has an Idea for crafting with it.

What you will need...
Washed T
Freezer Paper
Cricut Expression
Cricut Cartridge
Cricut Design Studio
Acrylic Paint
Fabric Medium
Paint Brush



1) Wash your T and let dry.
2) Iron your T flat.
3) Slip in a cardboard liner (cereal box works great) this is so the paint won't bleed through your T.
4) Pick your design for the Cricut.
5) If you use DS as I did make sure you flip your print.**
6) Place freezer paper shiny side up on your cutting mat.
7) Cut your design.
8) Iron the negative (stencil) shiny side down on your prepared T.
9) Mix some Fabric Medium with your acrylic paint (or you can use fabric paint).
10) Paint the open parts of your stencil, let dry.
11) Most colors will need two coats, let dry.
12) Wash normally but I would turn inside out.

**You don't need DS if you don't have the program just cut your image as you normally would with the cricut. However, I don't think the baby bug has the flip feature so you would not be able to do any print. Your print will need to be flipped in the program as you see above in the screen shot because you are cutting your freezer paper shiny side up (if you cut shiny side down it does not adhere to the mat well and you won't get a crisp cut).

Happy Stamp Day!
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Banu said...

Sara this is have tons of patience...I cannot imagine me going through so much work...but then again these look like they will make great Christmas gifts for my nephews and maybe will try to CASE this after all :D

Amy said...

WOW! This is so professional looking! Your nephew will love it--can I have one? Pleasepleaseplease? LOL!

Jill said...

Great looking T-shirt!

Another option if you have the baby bug and want the lettering, is to use vinyl for your stencil instead of freezer paper. That way you don't need to flip the letters.

Chris said...

this is fabulous!! looks like you bought it in a store!! he will love it!! you totally rock your cricut!!

Sheri said...

This is precious!