Sunday, January 5, 2014

Falling Flakes List Pads

Falling Flakes List Pads
I had made these up for the Parker craft fair all of them sold most going for teacher gifts.
The kit I used was from Hobby Lobby (sorry the name escapes me).

My little rant on
so close your eyes if you wish not to read it;)
They used to charge me $1.00 per cut now it is up to $2.00.
So doing the math if you purchase a pack of Jr legal pads 12 quantity it will cost you
$24.00 freaking bucks just to cut the pads in half not to mention the cost of the pads themselves.
I was not a happy camper especially since I am a rewards member.
So if anyone in my area knows of someone who will cut these at a lesser price please let me know.
Otherwise my final cost has to increase and I would love not to have to do that.
Okay open your eyes I am done now;)

Products used:
Staples Jr legal pads cut in half
RSVP pen
Wrinkled Seam Binding
Paper from Hobby Lobby unknown kit

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