Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Life is Pinteresting Part 2

Oh, how I love thee Frigidaire Affinity!!!!  
The Gear Box went out on our old set and Jesse said he was not going to fix it this time.  So Veterans Day we went shopping (NOT RECOMMENDED) every store was busy.   Anyhow, we did find something I liked...
High Efficiency, large capacity, with steam washer and dryer set.
You can see my handmade Downy Dryer sheets soaking and waiting atop the dryer...LOVE THEM!

One problem with the new HE washers, you can not use regular laundry detergent.  All the bubbles created will clog up the small capacity pump and do damage to your washer over time.  So...what to do????  Not going to use the HE detergent way to expensive to be using on a family of five, it would totally break our budget for cleaning supplies alone.  So with some research and the help of PINTEREST I found this...

We found everything side by side on the shelf at Walmart. 
I had the numbers crunched and the cost per load is 2 cents.  That is right 2 cents, one penny for the pre-wash cycle and one penny for the wash.

Two hard parts for me in the creating of the soap
The bar soap was hard for me to grate, you need to use the super smallest size you have making it look like shredded cheese.  Any larger pieces are hard to melt during the process.  
I am not sure if it was hard just because I was not feeling a 100% or if the soap is just that compact.
It also takes along time to cook down to a honey consistency, stir and watch carefully.

We all love it, works wonders on the laundry and does not bust the budget.
Give one or both of these a try and let me know what you think.
Now I just need Jesse to get that outdoor laundry line up for me!

So that is my two cents;)
Happy Stamp Day,  God Bless!


Amy said...

We have a high eff. washer too, but I am not as industrious as you--I just buy the expensive stuff LOL! Congrats on yur new W/D though--aren't they wonderful?

Chris said...

i'm with amy!! love your set!