Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

Edit to place winter weekend blizzard pics...
Have a Great Day!

view out our front door looking at county road (aka North Street East) at times the mail box was not in sight and you can't see the apartment complex across the street at all for most of the day.

View to the west out kitchen window there is an open field here you can almost make out a tree in the background can't see the neighbors house for most of the day.

Bear settled in for a long winters nap, LOL! He loves to romp in the snow when the wind calmed down he was outside playing had to rest up for the event. LOL, such a sweet boy!

There was a fire call this day to an injury accident the Monroe fire department could not get out of town. Marion led the way with the city plow and were able to make it to the scene. I was crying totally thought that was the last time I would see my DH the situation was so very dangerous yet he put himself out there to help another. Can't get much braver then that, love you Honey!

We are keeping warm, enjoying the new furnace that is certain!

Hugs everyone!


Amy said...

Best wishes, Sara's dad!

Rebecca said...

Oh, that blizzard looks awful. I would have been a nervous wreck!

Chris said...

happy birthday to your dad!! those are some mazing pictures for sure, glad jess made it home in one piece!!

Wanda said...

WOW, those photos are amazing. I love snow but not all at once! Blizzards are SO dangerous. Glad your hubby made it back safely to you. He is a brave and courageous man. Glad there are those people out there!